01 November 2011

In my defense

This is a personal blog so I'm not going to do the legwork of offering a proper citation but all over the place (on- and off-line), I read Steven Levitt's stat about 1 child drowning for every 11, 000 residential pools, and 1 child killed by a gun for every whopping 1 million-plus guns.  That means a child is about 100 times more likely to die in a pool-related accident.  This availability error has to do with the dramatics of all it all--you know, it's the same reason we're more afraid of plane accidents than we are of car accidents because the imagery of the former is so much more accessible than that of the latter even though cars are so much more lethal.

A few years ago, when we went to a new pediatric office, and I was asked if we had guns in the house and whether we would consider removing them for the children's safety.  We were not asked whether we would consider cementing over our swimming pool for the children's safety.  I was marginally offended by the assumption that we leave loaded guns strewn about but I was terrified by our frequenting the office of a healthcare provider who could not discern true dangers from that which stirred his own personal emotions.

By the way, see what I did there with the title of this post?  ;)  Also, no animals were harmed in the making of these photos--we only shoot paper targets.

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