27 November 2011

I have become an old person

I'm well aware that I continue to age every single day but I think I've finally reached "old person" status.  I can tell because the recent automatic changes, which some might consider improvements/upgrades, to both the Facebook and Gmail interface have me spiraling.  I am also well aware of the fact that these are both free services (okay, technically, social networking and email aren't the products, *I* am the product, but you get what I mean) but seeing my FB friends' activity on my feed is horrible and so is knowing that my own activity is showing up on others' feed.  And my darn Gmail labels kept collapsing--I had to go searching around for the simple yet hidden way to keep them expanded without mouseover.  Why do things keep changing?  Oh...progress, you say?  Hmph!

It was over 80 degrees today so we headed to the beach.  Photos unrelated to the preceding text follow:

Dusk comes too early these days.

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