07 November 2011

The fantasies

Anyone who meets me knows that I cherish my time with the boys. While that's entirely true, it's also true that I fantasize about next fall when A1 will be in 2nd grade and A2 will be in half day Kindergarten. In my dreams, I'm going to the gym regularly and SEWING! Actually sewing! My heart leaps at even the thought of sewing again. The only recent contact I've had with needle and thread has been to attach patches and badges to the family's Cub Scout shirts. And even that had me excited; that's the sad state of affairs.

A totally unrelated pic of Mr. Fur Christopher (the boys came up with his awesome name!) in his box home, where he hangs when I'm cleaning out his cage:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love that little smile that appears to be on Mr. Fur Christopher's face.

Lam said...

And I love your penchant for anthropomorphism! :)