05 October 2011

Too many pixels

Following will be camera talk about which absolutely no one cares about but me!

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the long overdue update to the Nikon D700 and while the official announcement has yet to be made, rumor has it that it will clock in at 36 megapixels.  Holy smokes!  I want a full frame body so badly, but 36 MP?!? As it is, I'm overwhelmed by my current body's 16 megapixels.  Photos take forever to load on my fairly new iMac and that makes editing 500-frame sessions a enormous pain.  I resent Canon for their ridiculous MP war--I've seen huge poster-sized prints from my beloved D80's 10.2MP sensor and know that I neither want nor need more than what my D7000 can deliver.  Besides, the sacrifice of downgrading to 4 fps is laughable.

On top of all of this is the move from the earthquake/tsunami-damaged Sendai plant in Japan to one in Malaysia.  Yes, my projections of lower quality outside of their Japanese plant are racist and classist. 

Unrelated photos of the boys at the regional park:

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