03 October 2011

So that I remember

I escaped Viet Nam with my parents and a first cousin who now has 3 older sons, two of whom are in college.  My nephews are both expected to make the drive back home every weekend since their universities are in neighboring counties.  I remember when I was expected to do the same--and I also remember what an impediment it was against forming strong social bonds with classmates and how it interfered with my study schedule.  I promised myself that I would never make such demands nor would I require the nightly check-in phone calls that my mother required.  But now, I'm afraid that I might forget that line of logic so I'm composing this post to keep myself accountable.  I will, despite how much I might want to keep my boys close to me, allow them to grow up without being tethered to a mother too fragile to let go, too neurotic to trust.

Here is a completely unrelated photo of the hail that came down on us a few weeks ago (unless you consider *frosty* yet clingy mothers related!).  A1 only got a small handful because he was still in his underwear and I didn't want him prancing around in the hail nearly naked!  And yes, it was almost noon and I hadn't yet gotten the boys dressed.

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