04 October 2011

Separation anxiety

After a long summer of lots of fun and fabulous togetherness, A2 seems to be having difficulty adjusting to his new school schedule of three 2 1/2-hour days per week.  On top of that, he's suddenly started crying when it comes time to spend time at his grandparents' even though he'd always been happy to hang out with them since he was a baby.

Here is a candid (I was hiding so he wouldn't see me) shot him on his first day of preschool.  Notice how closely he's sitting to his teacher?

Here is shot of the 2nd day of school.  You can see how close he is relative to the other kids who are at a much more normal distance--he's even holding onto her arm.  Poor kid, he's feeling so lost and alone.


Amber Riley said...

Okay, if there is one teacher who can make you feel warm, welcomed and loved it is Mrs. Bradford!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

Rachel said...

I never would have guessed this about A2. He's always so outgoing...but then again, you are always with him when I see him!