02 October 2011

Orange International Street Fair

...which means I'm about a month behind in posting photos!  Blogging used to be so much fun for me, but I've been so swamped lately that it's become somewhat of a chore.  Unfortunately, one of the things I'm going to have to give up is the time I spend in A1's classroom.  I've been in his room nearly daily since the semester started.  Sometimes it's for 15 minutes and sometimes it's for hours and hours, but I'm always there.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I especially love how happy he gets when he turns back to see me (and occasionally his little brother as well) sitting in the back of the room.  But all that time away from home means I'm not getting to what needs to be done (i.e., cleaned!) at home and not scheduling as many playdates for A2 as I can/should be. 

So here are totally unrelated photos of the street fair from last month:

I discovered my love of Dogzilla.

And the boys had funnel cake.

 We cooled off a bit under the mister.

And listened to international music.

Even though we were stuffed, walking by Bruxie means the eating wasn't done just yet!

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