30 October 2011

Neither trick nor treat

I have been doing whatever I can to squeeze in activities during which the boys can wear their costumes and stuff their faces with those non-nutritives known as candy. That way, when Halloween hits, I can avoid having to go trick-or-treating. It used to be such a neat time to visit with neighbors but more and more houses have been dark each year and it's become such a chore to travel so far to reach each new doorbell. Treats in the Streets in Old Town Orange was a great solution! It was during daylight hours and since we arrived early, I was out of there within 30 minutes with highly satisfied kidlets by my side. Yay, City of Orange!


Michelle said...

TLE and I both love the boys' costumes! She's in love with superheroes right now. She was thinking about being Spider-Man herself but chose to be a cat instead. :)

Lam said...

The thing that struck me when I saw her in her cat costume was how grown up she looked. I bet she was a purr-fect kitty!