30 October 2011

Uniform policy

I may have to waive A2 out when he reaches Kindergarten next year because hair that is long enough to fall into the eyes violates the uniform policy.  He loves his hair.  Even his pumpkin has curly hair.

Neither trick nor treat

I have been doing whatever I can to squeeze in activities during which the boys can wear their costumes and stuff their faces with those non-nutritives known as candy. That way, when Halloween hits, I can avoid having to go trick-or-treating. It used to be such a neat time to visit with neighbors but more and more houses have been dark each year and it's become such a chore to travel so far to reach each new doorbell. Treats in the Streets in Old Town Orange was a great solution! It was during daylight hours and since we arrived early, I was out of there within 30 minutes with highly satisfied kidlets by my side. Yay, City of Orange!

A spooktacular party for the boys and ghouls!

Yes, I snapped far more pics of the food than of the boys at the party. 

At one point, I grew tired of A2's antics and made the "one more time and we'll go home" threat.  And then he tried it one more time so I had to apologize repeatedly to A1, who was having a blast, and drag a crying and screaming A2 out of the party.  I try not to threaten my children, but you can be sure that if I make explicit certain contingencies, I'm going to follow through!  (I was so sad to leave.)

Pumpkin Harvest

...at the Great Park.

And now for the unrelated text!

This coming Friday, I'm teaching skateboarding to my Tiger Cub den.  Yup, I'll be at a skatepark to help the boys determine whether they're regular- or goofy-footed and teaching about stance, foot positions, knee bending, pushing off, turning, stopping on flat ground, and how to fall safely.  And I'm not a great skater, or even a good one for that matter.  Heck, I'm not a skateboarder at all.  So while my professional obsolescence looms, my school-aged boy skills grow.  Hmm...

28 October 2011

Learning from others

We've been hanging out with one of A1's friends from Kindergarten a little more.  We've been showing him things like ice skating and he's been showing up things like...flying through the air.

Hmm...seem fair to me!

And because I have no place to post this photo, I'm adding a pic of the boys super excited about our BOO! gift. I don't know what's going with A1's stance nor do I recall what the heck is covering A2's shirt!

27 October 2011

Spring Break: Zion National Park

Honestly, I didn't love.  It is certainly nicer than the scenery in our own backyard, but it's no Arches.  And on top of that, Zion is a very crowded tourist trap.  So there are very few photos:
Poor A2 looks pooped.

I think the part the kids liked best about Zion was the ride home when they were introduced to Funyuns for the first (and last) time!

24 October 2011

Spring Break: Arches National Park

(Yes, I do realize these are unposted images from half a year ago!)

I've gone road tripping through about 45 states and seen a whole lot of this beautiful country, but this was the first I'd seen of Arches.  And it is my absolute favorite destination thus far.  Between my being in awe and unable to do anything other than stare and my lack of photog skilz, these images do not convey the grandeur that is this national park.  A2 was coerced into a few shots with his brother, but he wasn't really feeling the camera love so he's rather absent in these shots.

A1 didn't have his camera with him but wanted to remember the gorgeous sights so he drew them instead.