10 September 2011

Tick tock

Here is A1 in his seat on the first day of school and A2 hangin' with his buddies after dropping off big brother.

The thing to notice here is that A1 is wearing a watch.  He's been able to read clocks (though this display happens to be digital) for a while now but his request for a watch is a bittersweet developmental milestone for me.  Certainly it signals his cognitive growth, but it also indicates that he knows about the boundaries of our perception of time, that we are powerless to its strict, constant forward march.  He understands that, "Aw...Mama, please--I just want to play for 5 more minutes," doesn't work in the real world.  He understands that there is no moving backward, and that his life is being built upon every choice he makes as he and time march on.

And in stark contrast, we have his little brother, still oblivious to time's strength, still harboring the belief that he is powerful enough to bend and skew time to his will.  Ah, the freedom of it all!


Amber Riley said...

LOVE the photo of A1 at his desk. LOVE IT!!!

Lam said...

Thank you!

It's too bad we don't have 1st graders in the same school/class. Last year, I was class photographer and nabbed 1600 photos and this year, I've already 100 in the class folder--A1 loves going over the photos and reviewing his year and working parents have told me how grateful they are to be able to see what goes on in the classroom when they're not there.

Rachel said...

I love that conquering the rock pic! Such a fun day.

Lam said...

Yes...great day, perfect mix of kids--big enough group to make it fun but not so big that it got chaotic. So nice to see them play together after years of essentially ignoring each other.