17 September 2011

Startled into change

I've been a parent for six and a half years now and I've never heard the dreaded proclamation, "I'm bored!"  Well...not until yesterday.

James and I were in the van when A2 demanded my phone because he was bored.  Bored!  Are you kidding me?!?  I've ruined him!  A2 and I have been helping in A1's classroom a lot and I've been sitting with A1 to do homework so I've allowed A2 to occupy himself with the iPad and iPhone.  And now, he has become reliant upon external stimuli, unable to generate his own spontaneous thoughts and he's lost his ability to self-entertain.  His joy can only be derived through electronics.  I mean, A1 can use electronics and not have it affect him in this matter, but A2 seems so...addicted.

It's terrifying. 

So we're done--at least, for a while anyways.  I told him that he will not put his hands on any devices for the rest of the month.  Hopefully that will break the spell they have over him!  And I'll have to be a good example, which means no WWF while he's in sight.  **shudder**

So here are photos of the boys at the Columbia Memorial Space Center.  Notice (1) There are are mobile electronics in sight and they are still having a blast and (2) I've clearly discovered a new, beloved Lightroom preset that does vintage 70s-like processing.  My deepest apologies for the latter.


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