16 September 2011

Psychotherapy's siren song

My email inbox still regularly fills with newsletters summarizing recently published peer-reviewed research (Some have truly obvious slap-my-forehead-and-roll-my-eyes titles like, "Involved Dads Give Kids an Edge.") and Board of Psychology disciplinary actions (it's like a professional reality show with a list of offenders and their specific offenses).

Why is this still happening?  Why have not unsubscribed at this point?  Am I hoping to return to clinical work--am I merely torturing myself because I know I can't/won't because I would deeply regret leaving the boys?  I remember how I felt coming home from work to A1 as an infant.  It devastated me that he had experienced so much in the day without my presence.

So, instead, my days are filled with parenting, which apparently includes this puppet show.   Quite possible the worst puppet show I've ever seen in my life.  The boys laughed their heads off and enjoyed it immensely.

Who me?  Think about going back to work?  No--never!  <--It's hard to read sarcasm in this typeface so I'll just mention it outright.

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