15 September 2011

Orange County Museum of Art

We've been 3 times during these Target days (2nd Sunday of the month) and every time there have been 5 projects for the day as well as the permanent interactive exhibits.  I feel selfish and almost don't want to spread the word because I don't like crowds and we love this museum so much!  Some places, like the La Habra Children's Museum are just as awesome but so incredibly packed during the free days that it's better to pay.

One thing that I noticed at the OCMA is that I've never seen so many parents complete projects for their little ones.  What is this need for "perfection" in art?  It makes no sense to me!  On our last visit I overheard one mother reprimand her child, "Gimme your person!  Your head looks terrible--I'll fix it."  Uh...okay.

Following are RELATED photos of the boys and their projects, which I had no hand in making!

And here is the circus they made on their first visit--all the other parents made these perfect lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) but I encouraged the kids so do what they wanted and they ended up making these hilarious spiders doing tricks.

** I know these photos are simply to commemorate the visit to the museum, but I look at them and all I think is how far off the white balance is in all of them.  Grrr...I should have fixed before posting so that I'm not obsessing now!

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