06 September 2011

On balancing structure

When folks ask about our summer, I'm quick to point out that we had very, very minimal structure in terms of organized classes.  I declare this as though it were a poison to be extracted from our lives.  But the truth is that I like some measure of disciplined coursework.  Take figure skating, for instance.  It's brought great joy and pride for the boys throughout the 9 months we've been engaged in the lessons.

But we sure do love a leisurely paced day at home!  On this morning, the boys wanted to make volcanoes.  So that's exactly what we did.  I grabbed some baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring and we went at it, discussing the reaction of acids and bases all the way through.  Then, they made "garden soup" with the water.
Afterward, the boys got into their swim clothes for their DAILY (!) pool time.  But they were stopped by the sight of a dead beetle, of which they insisted a bazillion photos from every which angle.  

Really, can you beat a morning like that?

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