06 September 2011

House envy, yard contentment

I've been to a fair number of houses in our neighborhood and every single time I step into someone's home, I *covet*.  I'm horrible.  I want their layout, their furniture, their hardwood floors, their housekeeper-assisted level of cleanliness, etc.  I want, want, want!  Don't get me wrong, I love our home.  It's simultaneously warm and spacious.  But it could use updating.  Notice that I didn't say that it could use repairs.  If we were fixing something gone wrong, I'd have no problem investing money into such ventures.  But to alter something that is already fully functional--well, that's where I waver.  So that means I live in an outdated and somewhat unpretty home, bound by my own refugee mentality of frugality.

But then there's the yard.  Our yard ROCKS!  Okay, the fixtures and furniture could use updating out there too, but the space itself is well loved and well used.  We spend summer nights there

...only to wake up and eat our own strawberries and mini tomatoes for breakfast.

We find coyotes (scary!), enormous birds of prey, tons of rabbits, lizards, and all sorts of other fun and fabulous creatures within our fences.  Like the occasional BAT!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

OMG. A real bat? That is so cool!!!!

This frugality. Well, it's allowed you to thrive (frugally), so no harm done, right? Except for the coveting.

I've splurged and I've been very happy. And then it's like, "Great, it's ramen for a month because of this awesome pillow!" :)

Lam said...

I have yet to be unhappy on the occasional splurges, but it's so hard to make the leap!