07 September 2011

His own person

So often (too often?), I see the boys as a single unit.  After all, they're nearly always together and even request to dress alike.

And they genuinely enjoy being around each other.

But, of course, the fact is that they are two separate people.  Now that A1 is in elementary school all day, A2 and I are able to spend lots of quality time with each other.  He's always been on my hip (or my back in a carrier) but I feel like he's been woefully neglected these past 4 years because I've seen him as The Little Brother instead of his own person.  I hope to correct this during our last year before he too heads off to elementary school.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's sweet that they get along. It was difficult between me and my brother when we were kids, but we're fast friends and great brothers now.

I wonder, through your posts, more of what my brother's experience might have been like. I can be the self-absorbed first-born often.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oops, forgot to subscribe.

Lam said...

He cries these painful, teary, howling, full body wails when A1 is at school proclaiming his loneliness without his brother. Breaks my heart. So wonderful that you and your brother came together as adults!