07 September 2011

Grammar snob

Let's talk about parentheses.  Everywhere I read, braces are replacing round brackets.  Why?  It is merely because they're prettier?  But curly brackets have their own specific uses!

I suppose the real question is why something so trivial would bother me so much.

Totally unrelated photos of the boys feeding some ducks at the lake:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I have this mild annoyance and admiration for periods used in phone numbers instead of dashes.

Dots look better. Dashes are appropriate and traditional.

Maybe it's a desire for order?

Lam said...

Hmm...you're right. I do love periods in phone numbers. But when my dad does it, he says that how he's always done it. Is it a foreign thing? Does it make it legit?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Well, it makes it legit in that country, right? But here, we don't spell it colour. :)

I just figure it's stylistic, but I'll say if people start using commas instead of decimal points, that's going to bother me. I don't give a hoot what they do in Europe!

Lam said...

You know, if we all went metric, I wouldn't mind it one bit!

Lam said...

But I'll keep my American enormous sodas with refills, thankyouverymuch.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I vote for metric, too.