19 September 2011

Goathill Junction Railroad

The non-profit OC Model Engineers, Inc. offers free 12 minute rides on a 7 1/2" gauge railroad that covers two loops of the park on the back end of the Costa Mesa Golf Course.  The key word in that sentence: FREE.  So, of course, we were there!

We have these pics (jeez, that is the most tired James and I have looked in a photo in a long time!) because I handed over my camera to one of the lovely volunteers who snapped a bunch of shots of/for us.  I love handing over my camera and, as often as I can, offer to take photos of people using their cameras.  I nearly never get folks to agree and not only get refusals, they are accompanied by sneers.  These people look at me as if I have two heads.  I mean, I usually don't offer unless I'm carrying my own camera so they can see that I'm not looking to steal their camera or have no idea who to handle an SLR.  And I'm usually snapping pics of my own kids so they can see I'm not some pedophile who hunts at the playground for my newest victim.

In fact, just a few days we visited the pumpkin patch (photos to follow very soon).  I asked a mom who was standing in front of a cutout with 3 openings if she wanted to be in the pic with her husband and child.  She laughed, "It would be a MIRACLE if we were all in the same photo."  Uh...no, it would not take a miracle.  It would take you handing over your camera and 2 seconds of your time.

So what am I missing out on here?  Do I live in a small, closely knit rural community in my head but the city dwellers think I'm a crazy stranger who's violating their space?  I'm trying to do a nice thing here--something that I myself enjoy on those rare occasions when someone offers to take a pic of us as a family.

Wow...I'd better present these photos soon or else the complaining won't stop!

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