09 September 2011


When I hear about how GATE education is supposed to look--with individualized, innovative lesson plans that encourage challenging intellectual exploration rather than rote memorization of state mandated subjects--I always wonder why EVERY child isn't allotted this opportunity for learning.  Okay, so I completely understand that it's expensive to educate and compensate specially trained educators and that not every child jumps for joy at the notion of rigorous academics, but still!

All I can say is that I thank my lucky stars every day that A1 tested into his school's GATE program.  In fact, it's the only reason we started at this campus instead of our very well ranked home school last year.

Photos of A1 during his 1-week summer school session with a few of the classmates he'll have for the next 5 years:

Cripes!  I nearly hit the publish button on this post when I realized there are only pics of A1 and none of A2...that's more mommy guilt than I can handle!

So here is A1 looking cool in both sunglasses and sprinklers (nope, not a water park...just a park with water!) and one of him with the 2nd of 3 guinea pigs we've had in our home this summer:

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