14 September 2011

Crayon melting

We threw rocks into the oven for a few minutes to warm them up.  Then the boys melted crayon wax onto them--we learned light-colored rocks work much better than their darker counterparts.

A1 liked to move quickly so the colors would be distinct.

But A2 liked to move slowly for more complete coverage.

I suppose the only objectionable part was that we totally stole the rocks from the regional park.  I'm sure there's a sign somewhere advising us noto remove anything from the park, but the rocks are just so ample!

And really...what would a park post be without a pic of A1 in a tree?


Amber Riley said...

What a cool idea. My kids would LOVE that. Going to try it!

Lam said...

I thought it would be better to have smooth rocks with flat surfaces but it turned out the textured ones were very interesting too. But the lighter ones were always better. Oh, and don't forget that the smaller ones don't need to be in the oven as long as their larger counterparts. Post pics when you do this with the kids! :)