07 September 2011

Chalk lessons

I absolutely love that our entire driveway is an open canvas for the boys.  I write down seasons, days of the week, math problems, and shapes and letters, but it's also a great place to learn about color and design theory.

It's also taught the boys about letting go because even their most precious drawings are eventually washed away.  They really love making new superhero drawings based on tracings of their own bodies.

The tracing exercises have generalized to the poor Pax, who manages to stay asleep during the outlining process!

Okay, there are no pics of A2 so I feel the need to balance it out with these artsy-fartsy beach pics of him.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, the impermanence of chalk. I love it.

And poor Pax.

And artsy pics. Love 'em.

Lam said...

I'm a sucker for faux-aged images.