12 September 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

...of endless photos and meaningless filler text.  I present The Orange County Fair:

See?  Not a corn dog but a batter dipped and deep fried Snickers bar.

This is just to prove that we did other things at the fair other than eat food on sticks.


Amber Riley said...

Looks like a super fun time at the fair! Deep fried snickers??!!! What will they think of next??!!!

Lam said...

They thought of fried butter! We weren't brave enough to try that though.

Rachel said...

Our friend almost got the fried butter just to be able to say he tried it (which i assume is how they get most of their sales on that item??)

Lam said...

I'm a butter lover, but we might just part ways if I had to eat it whole and batter dipped!