02 June 2011

When the kids are away...

whether it's because they're hangin' with their grandparents or asleep for the night:

1) I turn the music up REALLY loud.  I love music and I love it loud!
2) I refuse to sleep.  I know that I need sleep, but I'm so addicted to the silence that accompanies the fact that no one needs me to find their socks or get them more water in the middle of the night.
3) I miss my children dearly.  I feel so bad (hmm...yesterday's post makes this admission a new trend) when I forget to enjoy their presence during the day because there's so much going on.  I feel so bad when their bickering makes me wish for the silence of the wee hours.

So here are pics of when I *was* with the kids.  Well, just the one kid.  Poor A1 missed our annual Waste Management tour because of Kindergarten.  And poor A2 too; he's was really scared of the big bulldozers and dumpsters.




Amber Riley said...

Awesome pictures! I love the new top banner photos of the boys. Very cute!

Lam said...

Thanks, Amber! I make collages using Google's free photo editing/management system, Picasa. Super easy edits too.