08 June 2011

Summer strategy

Summer is almost here and there are a few things I'd like to accomplish.  One of my biggest goals this summer is not to over-schedule the boys.  I don't usually fail in this manner, but only because I keep reminding myself that they have more fun and learn and grow more when they are able to play and explore in a self-directed manner.

Order in the house!  I want to maintain order in this house.  I'm currently living like a master hoarder and it's horrifying.  Everything got backed up last holiday season.  I used to tidy up every evening after the boys were off to bed but, instead, I started editing photos because of the torrent of mini photo sessions.  Then after the busy portrait season ended, so did my desire for nightly tidying sessions.

I want to read more books.  Ones that neither rhyme nor have more illustrations than text.  I miss reading big people books!

By the end of summer, I also want to finish at least one short film.  Nothing fancy--maybe just 5 minutes or so.  I keep using the excuse that I don't have the right equipment (I need a decent tripod, external mic, follow focus setup, etc.) but the fact is that I'm scared.  Or maybe lazy.  Or more likely both scared and lazy.

Completely unrelated photos of Watson Drug:

Mother's Day Tea at A2's preschool and a necklace and bracelet set he made for me in his PALS class:

Irvine Regional Park:

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