20 June 2011

Star Wars birthday

Admittedly, I'm a much bigger Star Trek fan than I am a Star Wars fan (Episodes I, II, & III really tempered my love!), but kids will be kids no matter how hard you try to raise them the right way!

I bought a few sheets of stickers and used them, along with some skewers cut down to size, as cupcake toppers.  The kids gave their friends aqua sabers (foam swords seemed so much safer than hard plastic ones!) as favors and played Pin the Saber on the Vader and bounced in the HUGE rental.  On the way out, everyone posed with the standee.

This was a small, intimate party and every year, I change my mind.  I feel a little bad about excluding so many friends so next year will be huge.  Then I'll feel mowed over by the huge crowd and the year after will be small and intimate.  And so on...

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