27 June 2011

Spring Break: Wupatki National Monument

 Puebloan people had already inhabited this area and farmed its land for 400 years when the volcano erupted.  They returned a few generations later and worked the land for another 100 years before establishing homes elsewhere.  They left behind homes that ranged from single-story single-family dwellings to multilevel highrises of sandstone, limestone, and chunks of basalt.  And now, I present 10 million photos of those structures!

The obligatory sign photo:

Our "party car," as dubbed by the boys, stands waiting in the background:

Notice A2 has to do exactly what his brother does, even if it involves climbing too high for comfort (MY comfort, anyhow):

And now begins the abundant pueblo photos, notice the first monochromatic one is of A1's elicit rooftop dancing (we didn't know this was part of the restricted area!):

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Amber Riley said...

LOVE the tongue sticking out...He is spunky!!! :)