25 June 2011

Spring Break: Mojave National Preserve

Another road trip!  This was our 3rd such trip with the boys and probably the best thus far.  The boys are better than they've ever been at playing with each other and enjoying the drive.  And never mind the fact that we took this trip over 2 months ago and I'm just now posting the photos.  I had to research how to make animated GIFs--I've got the basics down, but can't figure out how to keep the quality of the image from degrading so much.

Anyway, I think one of my favorite parts was the sign to watch for tortoises crossing the road, especially after rains.  And one of my least favorite parts was the rattlesnake sighting that was too close for comfort!  All in all, though, the sand dunes, volcanic cinder cones, and Joshua tree forests make this desert a fun repeat visit for our family.

Following are photos in the van, the Mojave (arrows point to the kids off in the distance), our first of several trips to Cracker Barrel, and the boys having fun in a hotel lobby:

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