18 June 2011

Paradigm shift

Once, in grade school, I saw my teacher at the grocery store.  It took me a long time to recovery because the notion that my teachers ever left the classroom, much less purchased and consumed groceries, was too much for my little brain to handle!  Now THAT was a paradigm shift!

But this tonight, we went to A1's Kindergarten teacher's house to celebrate her son's high school graduation--and there were no other Kinder friends in attendance (she'd been to our house previously but that was for school-related playdate).  The boys don't flinch--it's normal to them to know their teachers as human beings and not just classroom fixtures.  They don't realize how hard I work to battle my social anxieties to engage their teachers, instructors, and coaches so that I know that the boys are in good hands and so that they (and really, I mean A1 more than I mean A2) are not rendered invisible by their own shyness. 

In the end, our lives are so much richer for all this effort.  I'm so honored to know the authority figures in the kids' lives beyond the usually rigid professional boundaries.  I'm especially pleased that we have been able to invite A1's Kinder teacher into our lives because she is as exceptionally skilled at her job as she is caring, motivated, and inspirational.  But as usual, instead of focusing on the positive, it makes me worried and sad that we might not establish the same kind of wonderful relationship with future teachers (I know...I'm such a worrywart!). 

Unrelated photos of the boys at the spray park:

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