22 June 2011

On making up little girls

Not gonna lie--makeup on little girls startles me every time.  Whether it's an actual beauty pageant (yes, we have friends on the circuit), a dance recital, an ice skating competition, or the like, I'm always a little shocked.  Maybe I don't like the social commentary regarding the sexualization of children or maybe it's merely because cosmetics are foreign to me because I virtually never partake of those substances for myself.  To be fair, I don't love little boys in suits and ties as much as I enjoy seeing them in shorts and tees and knee-deep in mud.

Unrelated photos (or maybe they're related because they boys are captured just being kids):


Amber Riley said...

LOVE the photo of the boys on the ground.
Since i have two girls i see the make-up thing all too often. I let them play if we are at home but we do not wear it out (unless Maddy is performing for her musical theatre class) and that is normally only mascara. Yes, my husband HATES it and we have a "discussion" about it every time!

Michelle N said...

Oh, makeup. I hate the stuff in general. My mom showed TLE how to play with makeup and she LOVES it. But when TLE heard me coming, she'd hide it because "Mommy doesn't wear it." So to show her that it is okay, I'll wear some but she understands it is "just for play".

Lam said...

@Amber @Michelle I don't mind play either--heck, even A1 is interested in playing with makeup. I supposed it's the difference between self-directed play versus a parent (or occasionally a hired makeup artist) professionally applying the cosmetics. I don't wonder about preschoolers or maybe even grade schoolers, but I do wonder about when pre-pubescence rounds the corner. Do these girls learn to emphasize their physical appearance as their most important trait--do they learn that they are otherwise insufficiently presentable *without* the makeup? I don't know, I suppose there are lots of gray areas in this as in all parenting issues.