21 June 2011

Moving things out

I'm going to clear out this house this summer.  The progress is slow but I love moving things on that are no longer of no use to us.  Things generally don't hold sentimental value for me (darn that refugee mentality!) so the stuff that's multiplied in this house is mostly a result of lack of time and energy.  But I'm feeling newly charged to live clutter-free henceforth.  And everybody knows that if you announce something on your blog, you have to live up to it!

Here is a random pic of me and the boys at our most recent shootout where parents trade cameras so that we're actually in the shot with our kids:


Amber Riley said...

AWESOME PHOTO!!! Now THAT should be your profile pic!! :)

Lam said...

Thanks, Amber! You know, I've tried to schedule these photo playdates for MOMS Club, but they're never as successful as the ones I schedule for my other play groups. Maybe I'll try again in July.