16 June 2011

I love free stuff!

I meant to renew our Disney passes, but there are so many free or low-cost options for little-boy-approved recreation that I haven't had the need.  But I have to admit that I'm dying to try the new Star Tours.

Here are the boys at TeWinkle.  A2 is startled by a squirrel running between the rocks and A1 is screaming because his little brother squeezed him so hard upon spotting said squirrel!

And here they are at Laurel Glen at one of the most magnificent climbing structures I've seen at a neighborhood park!


Amber Riley said...

Where is that park?? That climbing structure is amazing!!!

Lam said...

Laurel Glen is on off Myford between Irvine Blvd & Bryan Ave...but beware, parking is EXTREMELY limited. We go early AM or the boys ask their dad to drop us off. The climbing structure at Sweet Shade Park isn't so bad either!