17 June 2011

Hair donation

I mentioned to a friend that I was due for another one of my Locks of Love donations and she told me to look further into their procedures.  Now, I know that online reports need to be read with a grain of salt, but I kept finding sites that indicated that Locks of Love sells their wigs on a sliding scale and sells the extra unprocessed hair donations to commercial sources for quite a profit!  Hmm...so I guess I'm going with Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which states on their site that they give their wigs away free of charge through the American Cancer Society.

I feel duped and that makes me a little sad about my previous donations to Locks of Love.

Completely unrelated photos of A2's preschool awards ceremony.  I particularly love the one where he and his buddy (notice his arm is around her!) look like deer in the headlights.

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