06 June 2011

Google motives

I'm a little confused about what Google gets from giving me these free services.  I'm of the "you don't get something for nothing" camp so I understand the user-specific advertisements that pop up when I log into my Gmail account (which I hardly notice any more because even my generation has been desensitized to the constant barrage of banners and sidebars), but what about Blogger?  I have hundreds of entries here, extremely limited readership, and no ads at all.  In addition, this is the second post that uses Google's photo solution, Picasa, for photo uploads (I just switched from another free service: flickr) and if my files are under 800x800, I am allotted unlimited storage by the big G.  Why?  How?  I don't understand!

Unrelated photos:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

You can't buy good will?

Ivan Chan Studio said...
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Lam said...

I can't seem to buy good will from big companies.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

They buy your good will. Then they set up things that may be controversial, but because of the investment and good will, people let it slide.

Think Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Docs, Cloud, etc. The controversy surrounding their potential violation of privacy (and gathering information on their users without their consent) is kind of forgotten after awhile.

They could be planning something bigger and more controversial, but to make it go down the public's throat a little easier, they'll keep giving us free candy.