03 June 2011

A fresh look

People tend to be so rooted in their belief systems (and often for good reason) that it's just not possible to switch out their eyes to see from a new perspective.  But I can do that with my camera's lenses--so why don't I indulge more often? 

I can get the crazy awesome sharpness from my Micro 105mm, f/2.8 (probably lost here because I compress so much for web display):

I love that the 24mm, f/1.4 lets me see more.  I'm so dang short that I never would have been able to get this shot with just my stubby legs--I would have had to climb a tree to include so much in the frame with my usual walkaround 50mm lens!

And here's another shot with the 24mm.  Man, the barrel distortion is rad!  I'm laughing at his laughing.  It's the perfect effect to convey the moment.

And sheesh, I even I have my iPhone and iPad which make for their own interesting photographic form (not my concept!):


Amber Riley said...

The photos with the iphone and ipad are AWESOME!

Lam said...

You should try it with your kids! Just take a pic (of an eye, lips, etc.) with the iPhone and have them position it over the actual location and snap again with another camera.

Ivan Chan Studio said...