02 May 2011

Across time and distance

It'd been about 18 years since I'd seen my friend face-to-face and through the magic of Facebook, we got back in touch with each other and were able to arrange a meeting when she and her family flew back into the country.  Yes, there was a bit of plastic gun play:

It was a remarkable meeting!  How is it possible that after nearly 2 decades, she and I talked (and talked and talked and talked!) like no time had passed?  How is it possible that after so much time had elapsed, that our lives and our philosophy about these lives were so parallel?  It makes me wonder if it were mere coincidence or if the path before us had already been laid by the time we reached college.  I mean, I'm sure there are detours and deviations, but perhaps the general route is already mapped out by the time we reach legal adulthood.  And if that were true, I don't know yet if I find it comforting or terribly disappointing.

Unrelated photos of A2 at the Big Orange Balloon.  The last photo was snapped by the phone.  Why would I use my phone if I had the DSLR with me?!?

Also unrelated photos of the boys at the California Science Center:

Photo bomb by A1!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

You're a master with whatever camera you use--phone, DSLR, etc. Just shows how versatile you are!

If I drew with ketchup while I had my paints with me, I'd be like, "Yeah. That's right. I CAN DRAW WITH KETCHUP. Nyah!" :)

Lam said...

I'm now obsessed with seeing you make ketchup (never CATSUP btw) art!