05 April 2011

On self-identification

I can readily see the labels that the boys voluntarily and happily emblazon across their own chests.  A1 has embraced his GATE status wholeheartedly.  It's likely because he'd always felt academically different (which is hard for a child who so dislikes being different) and to find a name for it was such a relief.  And poor A2--he embraced his HAIR!  It's probably because when he finally started to grow hair, it came in curly and just about everyone who came across him remarked about how lovely it was. 

Of course, A2 was hesitant to lop off his locks.  But the daily conditioning and detangling was becoming so burdensome that I had to nudge him in that direction.  And it's been wonderful being able to manage his newly cut hair so easily, but the best part is that he's starting to identify himself with his character instead of his hair!


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Hyacynth said...

I don't know how you do it, but you make hair on the floor of a salon look beautiful. You take such amazing pictures -- the first one is such a personality shot. It's adorable!