02 January 2011

Shattering shame

There are a few things that I love, but to which I rarely admit.  This post serves the dual purpose of meeting my New Year's resolution to write more and of outing myself, as it were, in order to negate the secrecy component of my shame.  And without secrecy, how much power does the shame have over me?  Not that much, I say!

1. Grey's Anatomy: There's really no way around all the melodrama and rapidly changing love interests other than to describe this show as a soap opera, pure and simple.  So I say to those who would roll their eyes at me, "Fine, that's just fine.  You roll your eyes and I'll keep mine glued to the screen every week when this captivating piece of television airs!"

2.  Diddy: Yes, the Sean Combs variety.  What can I say, he's dapper in a suit, his business acumen has yielded a formidable financial empire, and he certainly knows his way around a music studio (more as a producer than a performer, but that's not so relevant).  

3. Prime lenses: Okay, so that's not much of a secret that I want photography gear.  But I'm still ashamed of my coveting ways.  The 24mm I want runs $2,000 and the 85mm has nearly as hefty a pricetag at $1,700.  See?  The shame--it grips me with its cold bony fingers!

Okay, to distract you as quickly as I can from my peculiar preferences, I'll post some pics of the boys at our fave locale, the dry riverbed the wet river.  That last pic was snapped on my iPhone--that seems totally safe to take 2 little ones out to rushing waters, right?


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I still revel in the "neuroses" label/tag for your posts.

I like how you tell me the river is wet.

And I'm laughing at the whole child endangerment question. Hey, when we were growing up, safety belts were optional and when used, for assistance in paralyzing the lower half of one's body!

Lam said...

neuroses: That way, I can click on the label and in a fit of self-consciousness, I can delete all those ranty-rave-y posts in a single swoop...though I try very hard not to (Btw, happen to be listening to Diddy right now--why do I find him so freaking hot?!? Have you heard/seen his interviews? To call him inarticulate would be an understatement, and still...).

I'm quite sure we had the worst child-proofing among our social circle. Of course, both boys possess more than their fair share of self-control and were/are very amenable to instruction. And still, not a single E/R visit for us (yet!).

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Diddy is a hot guy. :) Sometimes people just hit our hot button!

(I once had a dream about Simon Pegg, who's the protagonist in Shaun of the Dead--see? No recommendation recommendation!--and I woke up thinking, Really??)

Outing shame is a great way to disentangle ourselves from its power.

Here's one from my book: I love the TV series Charmed.

Was it predictable? Hell, yeah. What about the acting? Something to be desired? And did one of them, who became an advice columnist (she had powers of empathy along with precognition) and later decided to pursue a degree in counseling psychology to strengthen the foundation for her career, have some influence on my own path?

Um, yeah. (The bigger picture is, I just needed more motivation and convincing, and found it where I could.)

Lam said...

I can't wait to see Shaun of the Dead!! Ha!

Actually, I'd been wanting to see it.