20 December 2010

Warning: Photo TMI!

Who brings a camera into their surgery?  Me, that's who!

There's my saline bag:

And my booties:

And the TMI part (scroll quickly to the next post if you can't take it!):


Michi said...

YIKES!! Hope the surgery wasn't serious and that you're better now. When was this?? (And I totally take photos in doctor's offices all the time so I don't see why hospitals would be any different.)

Lucinda said...

OMG what happened? You okay?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You know, I can keep track of a lot of stuff, but I keep blocking out your surgery, etc.

Hm. :/

Lam said...

@Michi @Lucinda I had a polyp that was bleeding me dry and a dermoid on an ovary. And I have to say, laproscopic surgery rocks! Just a few tiny cuts and only 3 stitches and recovery was only a week--though I don't do well on anesthesia and pain killers in general. Bleh.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

This makes me look forward to my surgery. I think it's laparoscopic, too. Of course, I have no basis upon which to found that belief. I guess I'm just hopin'!

They're going to put something in me for the hernia--I figure it's going to be Kevlar and I'm going to be...bulletproof!

Glad the surgery was quick and recovery only a week! They got everything--no need for another surgery? (Not that I'll remember what you tell me, anyway!)

Lam said...

Kevlar surgery is so cool!! Dr did both surgeries at once so no return visit for me!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Whoo hoo!