15 December 2010


(Yes, I'm behind on my blogging...as usual!)

The boys each got to attend the other's class celebrations.  These captures are from A2's preschool; they had a live turkey!

He had his face painted and decorated his own headdress with liquid watercolors and embellished his vest with his name for the day, "Howling Dog."

"Hey, what's all this stuff on your face?"

"Well, if you don't like it, then don't look at it!!"

And here are the images from A1's Kindergarten.  The boys are making hand & foot turkeys and dressed in their Native & Pilgrim outfits.  And while I don't like to post images of other people's children for privacy's sake, this class pic is too adorable not to display!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Iconic class photo!

And the captions crack me up. Was that what they were really saying, or is this like when talk talk for their dogs or play MST3K?

Lam said...

What also helps with the class photo is that the school has a (loose) uniform policy. I think that definitely makes thinks more classic--none of those awful modern logos and figures all over the fronts of t-shirts.

Definitely MST3K! But when I asked the boys if that's what went on, they laughed hysterically and kept asking me to use their voices while flipping between the 2 photos.

We do LOTS of voices around here. A2 was 2 when he started doing Paxil voice (kinda sweet but slow and not-so-bright is his interpretation of how the Pax would sound) and he would say ridiculous stuff like, "Hi! I'm the Pax. And I like to poop. A lot!"

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love that. I find it hysterical, too, when I hear an impression of myself by someone (unless it's mean!).

I love voices people give to their pets (and usually the slow and not-too-bright voices would crack me up).