20 December 2010

Photography by a 5-year-old

A1 has really grown to enjoy photography.  So much so that he's gotten snooty and only shoots with the SLR and avoids the point-and-shoot!  Here are his portraits of the family:

And just to be fair in terms of photo coverage, here is a pic of A1 that I snapped while he was baking sugar cookies:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

So that's where the Facebook avatar is from! :)

He's got quite the eye for such a young boy.

Lam said...

Gonna be frank with you...I delete a few of them! I mean, he feels the need to photograph EVERY cloud. Really? They're all the same! But oh no, they're all different, he explains. He appreciates all the little differences.

You know, he keeps a sketchpad at home (and has gone through a few already), but I hadn't thought to take the current one with us so he could sketch what he sees instead of photographing it.

I bet ALL young kids have great eyes. I don't think we need to open children's eyes, they probably start that way and are closed by us usually.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree.

I also think that there's a certain amount of good editing that can be taught/learned. I suppose it has to do with intention.

Lam said...

You know, I was going to resell my old setup for a few bucks to get me closer to my next coveted item, but I'm thinking I may have to keep (at least, for a little bit longer) just so he can use it.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh! (Temporary) Heirloom!

Lam said...

I was going to sell it pretty cheap to someone in one of my moms' groups so if it were to have garnered more, I would be less hesitant to move it out. But after all the loot the kids raked in for Christmas, it doesn't seem like an extravagant gift to a little kid any more.

One of these days, they're going to ask why they get toys for Baby Jesus' birthday and I'm not going to have an acceptable answer for them.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

That will be an interesting day!