20 December 2010

Nativity Animals

A2's preschool hosted a collection of Nativity animals.  He did NOT like the camel, but enjoyed the goat and sheep.  And he even had a good time during his donkey ride.

I figured since he'd warmed up to the donkey, we might give the donkey a spin again.  Nope...still a no-go.  Check out the fear on his face and the clenched fist!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Now there's some abject terror I can enjoy! :)

Poor kid. Maybe the camel was too humongous? (Versus just humongous?)

Lam said...

We always arrive on time because I enjoy promptness as much as I shake my head at tardiness, but also because the boys are crockpot kids (i.e., they take a little longer to warm up but keep humming along once they do) who don't do well when introduced to a huge room full of people. But I think the problem was that we'd arrived to early that he didn't have a chance to see other kids with the camel. He didn't want to ride the donkey either, but after he watched another kid do it, it was good to go.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love that--crockpot kids.

I'll have to remember that when I'm feeling like somebody just won't get on the bandwagon!