22 December 2010

Legos are for boys

I wanted Legos so badly when I was a kid.  A girl.  And everybody *knows* girls aren't supposed to play with Legos. 


Now I am the Mama, and I make the rules.  So our house is littered with Legos!

Even solid bricks are fun!  (Why oh why didn't I back up instead of chopping his hand out of the frame?)


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love that Lego ship!!!!!!!

What is the description for that ship--is it part of a larger story or is it just a spaceship one can put together?

Lam said...

That's the Hyena Droid Bomber from The Clone Wars. A1's built TONS of Star Wars ships, but his absolute favorite is the Separatist Shuttle.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I haven't watched The Clone Wars yet, only that one movie. You're talking about the series, right?

What's the Separatist Shuttle look like?

Lam said...

Like a shark! Well, that's what A1 says. I'll have to grab some photos of all the Lego ships he's built.