31 December 2010

Last post of 2010!

I've never cared too much about marking the passage of defined blocks of time in any specific manner.  Birthday celebrations were never important to me and I never really understood why a new calendar year deserved special treatment.  After all, there are opportunities for change and growth every single day--every single moment, for that matter.  Still, Blogger groups posts by year (and month), so I've come to use the number of annual posts to represent how observant and reflective I was during that year.  And given that criterion, 2010 shows moderate failure of my part. 

Yup...you guessed it!  A resolution is coming your way! 

So next year, I'm planning on not only blogging (i.e., observing) more, but I'll be using actual words, not just slapping a few photos up and calling it a day.  And while I'm at it, I'd like to resolve on using more movement in my images.  I love stills, but I now have the capacity for motion so I'll need to explore that aspect as well.  I assume there's a steep learning curve, but the process will likely be very rewarding.

Meanwhile, here are some Christmas pics.

There were lots and lots of gifts under our tree, but A1 seems particularly thrilled by this one:

A2 made this tile in preschool.  He was very proud because A1 had one from when he was at the same preschool 2 years ago.  How odd it must be to find yourself 2 steps behind at all times.  That probably contributes greatly to the older-brother-worship phenomenon.

The expression (of pride?) is hysterical:

The Pax gets in a shot!

For some reason, the low tech Operation game gets the biggest smiles.



Ivan Chan Studio said...

It does look like a shark!

Lam said...

It has moving parts. I love it when they have moving parts.

Rachel S. said...

The one of A2 holding up the tile is just precious! Plus his curls are in extra good form.