24 December 2010

Feline and canine precipitation!

Days upon days of near continuous heavy rain means we start thinking of bathtime as a sport.   Toes to the nose!

During even the tiny breaks, we run outside as quickly as we can.  The boys are playing turtles. 


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Rain looks so nice in a place that's so homey! Sweet.

Nice remodel of the blog, too!

Lam said...

It just occurred to me that you can't see the ridiculous kelly green carpeting in the master bath! It's bright and lush and was installed throughout the ENTIRE house!! What were the previous owners thinking?!? I know of people who toured the house when it was on the market and were scared away by the carpet. It was listed for a full 12 months during a seller's market! I bet if they had replaced the carpeting, they would have been rid of their financial burden much sooner. Of course, then we wouldn't be living here, so that's not a happy ending for us!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Green? Yeah, completely missed it!