20 December 2010

Best. Pinata. Ever. EVA!!

We've know this family since A1 was only 3 and they all have so much fun together...making silly faces in this case:

One of the fringe benefits of being friends this fabulous family of boys?  Their grandpa makes the BEST birthday pinatas!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

1. Holy moly, that's an awesome pinata!!

2. Dude *made* it? I don't know why, but I never thought of pinatas as being made. Grown, maybe, but made? And by someone you knew and could touch? Unreal!

Lam said...

He's their retired grandfather, who would spend his days as an attorney dreaming of retirement when he could create a workshop and craft the day away. So he retired and created a workshop! Pinatas are awesome, yes, but once we have a fairy house assignment in preschool. So people brought in pieces of bark with leaves on top for a roof. This family brought in a 2-story structure with a roof with individual shingles, a external structure, a mailbox, etc., etc. Oh, and inside the house was a Jedi with a lightsaber!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm going to cry.

That sounds absolutely beautiful--all of it!

(Okay, okay--especially the Jedi inside with a lightsaber!)

(Making lightsaber noises again.)