20 December 2010

Are you going to try again?

Sometimes I'm asked if we will have another child.  Clearly, the question supposes that we were rolling the dice each time with the hope of a girl.

But what the heck would I do with a girl?  I don't know the first thing about raising a girl! ;)


Michi said...

I love that photo of the boys in the truck! And if you ever did have a third, I'm sure that TLE thinks that A1 and A2 would make awesome big brothers. ;)

Lam said...

Re: truck photo. Yes, boys have lots of Star Wars paraphernalia. But no worries, I plan to convert them to the Star Trek universe as soon as they're old enough. :P

A2 would be very confused and upset if he lost his "baby of the family" ranking!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm making lightsaber noises, because that's what one has to do when one sees a lightsaber wielded!

Lam said...

Are lightsaber noise skills gender-specific because even the kids can make them so accurate and I fail so miserably!?!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

No, it's not gender specific, I don't think...didn't you have trouble with the "holy cow" thing? Do you do other sound effects well?

I can't sing, but lightsabers and accents I can do. :)

Lam said...

The Holy Cow thing wasn't a vocal issue as much as it was difficulty fully committing to what seems such a horrible racist joke. But dang it, if it doesn't make me laugh each time!!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I figured there was some nuance to the Holy Cow thing versus lightsaber noises. :)