21 November 2010

Timeshare guinea pig

This is A2's class guinea pig; I'm a huge fan of having a pet in the house temporarily.  Our dog probably disagrees.  He's a proponent of permanence when it comes to family pets!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love guinea pigs. Mine was very verbal.

It's weird knowing they're a major food source in Peru or Chile.

I thought I had commented on this and some other blog posts, or maybe I just got them emailed to me via subscription and I commented in my head figuring you'd hear.

Lam said...

Well, you'd mentioned yours, who'd squeak when he needed to use the bathroom while on your bed, so it's as if we've had this conversation already!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yeah, I guess we have!

Oh, and did I tell you I love monkeys? Especially their hands.