21 November 2010

The habit of photography

Special moments happen every single day but sometimes I forget to grab my camera.  No...really!

Of course, I can remember to snap a few shots when it's a special event like the open house at James's workplace.

And then, fortunately, the camerawork spills over into our regular lives the rest of the day.  Here are the boys swimming with some sea creatures

and A2 hanging with his dad on the lawn.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

So adorable seeing their dad in these pics!

Love your chalk art, too. :)

Lam said...

Unfortunately, that climbing-on-dad behavior generalizes VERY easily! They never initiate, but if an adult shows the slightest sign of welcoming physical contact, trouble ensues. The boys are ALL OVER them! I've tried and tried to stop it, but we're sort of a physical family and they think it's totally normal literally to walk all over us (and others too). It's never with the intent to harm, but it doesn't observe the social bubble rule that I so enjoy via my oh-so-Asian roots. I suppose they'll break themselves of this behavior soon enough.

I blame being worn on my body nearly constantly for their first 2 years for their ease with physical contact. But man, it's getting weird. Even some of the Kinder boys are starting to isolate themselves (though the girls hold hands and hug each other upon reunion) so A1 has had to start reading cues to figure out who's willing to hold hands with him. Kinda sad.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Aw. That breaks my heart!

Physical touch is so interesting.