21 November 2010

Birthday party face-painting

What is it about face-painting that so attracts children?  Is it the bright, pretty colors?  Is it the ability to execute their wishes through the quick, skillful hand of adults?  Is it the role playing (the boys are masked superheroes here)?



Lucinda said...

How fun! What a great idea! Was this their party? Neat-o! Love the idea of face painting at a party.

Lam said...

No, this was at a friend's party. The birthday girl got glittery princess paint job and the boys got those hero masks--I think it's a great idea because it's not gender-specific. And it wasn't even a professional, just another friend of the family who had a guidebook she was referencing.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Primates like self-decoration?

I think it might be nice to try that at a party or two--as in, I would be the painter.

Cuz no way I'd let my own face get painted!

Lam said...

@I, I've strangely always thought you would make a great birthday party "clown" (they don't really dress/are made up like clowns any more). Kids love you and the pay is great for really fun work!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Aren't clowns...um...you know...TERRIFYING?

I suppose I could be a good...kids' entertainer. They used to be completely absorbed when I taught them sign language (with all my jokes for the teachers in the back of the room, who were trying to grade papers but couldn't help laughing).

Personally, I always thought my dry sense of humor (or humorlessness) would drive kids away. They don't seem to mind.