14 October 2010

(N)ice skating

What a fun and fabulous sport!  And you know what I find especially nice?  It's cooooold!  (How can I, someone who is built for the tropics, function so poorly in the heat?)

A1 is really naturally inclined toward the activity.

And A2....well, let's just say he's enjoying himself.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

What I love about watching other people ice skate is the falling.

I know. I'm cruel that way.

Lam said...

It's hysterical when they fall on their @sses, but not so much otherwise. A1 fell back and bonked (I heard the crack on the ice!) his head--I thought I was going to faint. That was WAY less funny! But otherwise, yes, we laugh at our own children when they fall!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, no! That would've terrified me, too!

Yes, the ass-falling (and usually I mean pros) is what I dig. I'm awful. I'm starting to giggle imagining it. I'm sure some figure skater is going to read this and be all offended (and think I lack empathy!)

Actually, I think it's my empathy that allows me to laugh. I mean, watching A1 fall and hit his head: terrible! Hearing him tell the story later (like we would): hysterical.

Lam said...

Models falling on runways. Also funny to me.

Ivan Chan Studio said...